Looking for a Quiet Coffee Place?

As a previous topic, Jongnhams has talked about “The uniqueness of each cafe shop in Phnom Penh” and today Jongnhams would like to introduce “The Quiet Coffee shop” in Phnom Penh.

Life is boring without having a cup of coffee, but it is even getting much more pressure when you couldn’t find a place to enjoy your tasty coffee. By the experiences of trying to find safe places to do your works, read books, or even meeting. These places should be considered as the quiet coffee shops in Phnom Penh.

So, if you are looking for these kinds of quiet places, Jongnhams would like to list down and you will be surely like it.

1. Grace Coffee

Owned by the Cambodian young generation, this new local internet Cafe shop is located in the street #213, Sangkat Veal Vong, Phnom Penh. As the name of “Grace”, this coffee shop never let you feel disappointed with their service, taste and the most important part that you are looking for is their comfortable environment.

Additionally, Grace is also having a new taste of coffee that you probably would like to taste it.

For more info
Facebook Page : Grace Coffee
Phone number : 076 226 277 / 097 515 5588
Address : Click on this to see the map

2. Premium Coffee & Bakery

If you are thinking that only you spend money to the expansive cafe shop in which you can return back the standard cafe shop with high-quality coffee taste, you might have to eliminate this idea and try this “Premium Coffee”.

With the high quality of coffee taste, you could also find a quiet place with the art decoration since you walk in. There are such so many art portraits sticking to the wall with light on just above it while the romantic music is still streaming around your ears.

For more info
Premium : Premium Price and more detail
Facebook Page : Premium Coffee & Bakery
Phone number : 010 690 919
Address : Click on this to see the map

3. KALDI Coffee Club

Standing on the street #122 of Terk L’or II, Kalda Coffee is running by the Korean people for almost two years until now.

KALDI Coffee is well-known as a great environment and service. Inside the cafe shop, there is a small library on the left hand, the sofa and tables are at the back of the coffee shop. Above the ground floor, there is another floor for those who do not like sitting on the floor instead of sitting on the chair with table.

For more info
Facebook Page : KALDICambodia
Phone number : 077 252 690
Address : Click on this to see the map

4. Gloria Jeans Coffee

Known as the king of the fancy cafe shop, Gloria Jeans Coffee has so many branches in Phnom Penh. Today Jongnhams only choose one place to talk is Gloria Jeans IFL which is located on the St. 261.

When you walk in the Gloria Jeans, you will see the few tables on your right side and order drink is in front of you. The left side of the Gloria Jean is a wood stair that you can go up. The second floor of the Gloria is widely huge that you can even keep many people there.

Even though it is huge, does not mean it is having noise to distract you from doing your works or assignment.

For more info
Facebook Page : Gloria Jeans Coffee
Phone number : 081 555 376
Address : Click on this to see the map

Leave your comment below if you have any quiet places to share with Jongnhams.

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