Tips on how to consume guava


Hi readers, here we come back as promised to give you some tips on how you can consume guava.

You have known from the previous article about some health benefits of guava. Guava is a tropical fruit that has a unique taste and strong fragrance. Actually, there are many ways you can eat this fruit. Here are some tips that you can consume guava.

1. Raw Guava


You can simply eat a half-ripe raw guava. You can slice or cut them into half according to how big you want the piece. Add more spice to have great effect to the taste. You can consume sliced guava along with mixed salt and sugar or with chili powder and salt together to get the heat. Place the slice guava on a plate and spread chili powder and salt on it. I already get mouth watering while writing this. Great dish!

2. Fresh Guava Juice


Another way to consume guava is to make it into juice. Choose ripe guavas and rinse with water. Then, you need to slice them into smaller pieces, but don’t forget to remove the seeds. Then, Use a juicer to extract juice from the sliced guava. When you get the juice, add a bit of lemonade to make the color and the taste fresh. Add more sugar if you like sweet.

3. Guava Pulp


If you don’t want to have guava as juice, you can make it to the pulp. The process is similar to that of making juice. First, you need ripe guava. Then, you wash them and cut them into pieces. Next, you will to pulp the fruit. You can use a pulp machine or a blender. After pulping the fruit, you can add more sugar syrup and lemonade. Finally, you can enjoy this cool drink.

4. Guava Jelly


You can also make jelly out of guava for your kids. Because of its fragrance and flavor, guava is also used to make jelly. Get some ripe or half-ripe guava and extract juice from it. Add sugar and lemonade to the juice. Boil the juice and add jelly powder and stir it until the powder completely melt. After that, put it into the freezer until it freezes. Finally, take it out; it’s ready to be served. Bon appetit.

5. Mimosa


Another way is to add it to mimosa. Are you bored of having the same flavor of mimosa? You can mix guava juice with sparkling wine instead of orange juice. It’s very simple. You just need to pour sparkling wine and add some guava juice with some cherries on top. You can already have a different flavor of mimosa.

Now, you can have guava in many different ways. Don’t forget to try.

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