NEW! Taste of Chatime Menu — “Daytime Chatime” The Most Beautiful Drink Ever

Are you searching for famous-brand and accessible coffee shops for your dating or for your refreshment?

Located many branches at both crowded place and silent mood place, Chatime Milk Tea expertises serving you an incredible taste of drinks and desserts. You will be satisfied with care-optional providing.

Chatime Milk Tea

Chatime Milk Tea

Chatime Milk Tea

For more, all Chatime branches are decorated with a friendly and comfortable environment. To prove this, you can go check it out. Also, many new drinks are added to the list, and you can find them at any Chatime branch near your home.

NEW! Taste of Chatime Daytime

Here are new drinks from Chatime. It’s Chatime Daydream that makes you lose yourself in your daydream when you taste it! Even the name of these drinks, it’s so beautiful that make you wanna drink. Grapefruit Sunset, Lemon Stardust and Jasmine DayDream!!

Come and taste it now at Chatime!
Available for all Chatime branches!

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