Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Fish from Mom’s Kitchen

Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Fish

Do you ever have difficult time finding where to have your lunch? Today I’d like to suggest you a restaurant where you can eat good food. It is called Mom’s Kitchen. The restaurant serves ordering lunch with delicious menu. The food below is called Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Fish which is one of the tasty dishes served over there. With the combination of sweetness and sourness as well as mixed vegetables, it makes the taste of this food become very incredible. Moreover, the crispy deep fried fish adds better taste into this meal as well. Not only this food tastes good, but the eating environment over there is also comfortable. What even more special about this is that, this food costs 8000 riel only. Where is a better place to have your lunch than going to Mom’s Kitchen? Go and check it out now! It is on the way of ACE Sonthormok back gate.

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