Spicy Food Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Spicy Food

Having grown up as a child of Khmer-Laos, I was really addicted to spicy food since I was young. Spicy food contains lots of benefits and useful vitamins such as spices speeds up your metabolism, weight loss, heart health, cancer prevention, lower blood pressure as well as has longevity benefits. Spices is not only focus on chili but cinnamon, turmeric, garlic and cumin.

Today, Jongnhams would like to introduce the top branch restaurants in Phnom Penh that you should try with the spicy foods.

1. Spicy Korean Noodle restaurants all branches (Mi hel Korea)

Probably, you already know this restaurant’s name just because it is very popular at the moment. Spicy Korean Noodle or you can call “Mi hel” runs their business during 2015 and expanding their franchise all over Phnom Penh. Especially, Spicy Noodle also have expanding their branches to the other cities as well. For me, I like to go “Sorya” branches. It is because I like their friendly staffs, taste as well as the milk tea topping with jelly.

Spicy Korean Noodle

2. Khmer Fungus Noodle​​ (Nom Banjok Dous Pset)

Walking down from the street 200 which is nearby the sisowat high school, you will see this restaurant. Khmer Fungus Noodle is a new experience eating for many people especially a person like me. It contains lots of vegetables as well as meat especially the sauce with chili. The special thing is that I could make the sauce by myself with the taste I like whether I like sweet, salty or chili.

Khmer Fungus Noodle

3. Bangkok Papaya Salad (Bok Lahong Bangkok)

Standing behind the royal palace which is on the street Oknha Chhun St. (240), Bangkok Papaya Salad also has a few franchises in Phnom Penh as well. I would like to go there with my friends on the weekend. What I like the most from this spicy food restaurant is “Bok Lahong Lao” with sticky rice. There’re various type of papaya salad as in Thai Papaya salad, Lao Papaya salad as well Khmer Style Papaya salad with sticky rice, grilled chicken, meat and a lot. You can try it once if you are a spicy food lover.

Bangkok Papaya

4.Indigenous People Restaurant

Not very far from the “Toul Tompong Market”, Indigenous people restaurant is standing on the street 456. This restaurant also exhibits traditional clothes of indigenous people and displays their portraying cultural pictures. What I like the most is their “Janang” Food. It reminds me of my hometown, it reminds me of my hometown, the origin of this food. The taste is exactly the same as one I have at home. What’s more? The special sauce (Pa Kriv) which is very delicious and I could say “AWESOME” for those who want to try the spicy food.

5. Bong Tha: Spicy Noodle Salad

With the money around 5000 Riles to 10,000 Riels you can enjoy having this spicy delicious food. There are lots of choices you can try spicy noodle salad as in egg noodle, glass noodle and Khmer noodle with a friendly stuff. You can find this restaurant which has two locations. The first one is on the street 592, Beung Kok II and second branch is on the street 136 behind the old market (Psar Kandal).

Papaya Bongtha

6. The street

“The street” contains many types of spicy foods such as seafood, stir fried spicy food as well as the khmer spicy food. Located in the street St.143, The Street is very famous with their amazing taste plus the friendly staff there. Highly recommend for the spicy food lover and If you want to try this restaurant, please be ready for tissue to shed your tears.The Street Food

Are you ready for these spicy food restaurants? LET’s GO! By the way, if you have any places to suggest, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. You are most WELCOME.

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