Let’s recall our childhood memory with shaved ice at Moto Café

Shaved ice

In this hot season, you may need some ice-cream to cool down your body temperature. Let us introduce you to the famous shaved ice at Moto Café. Moto Café has brought back the our childhood dessert with​ creative design and taste. With new concept of serving shaved ice, you now can have a big bowl of shaved ice with sweet syrup, with many kinds of topping. You can have red beans, coconut jelly, and dried banana. What’s more, if you love to eat durain, you will be completely satisfied. There you can have shaved ice with durian topping. The sweet taste of shaved ice with sugar syrup and the real durian topping is just completely perfect. Believe me, you will ask for more. Recently, a new topping has just been introduced; come and try new topping together.

Not only the taste is great but the decoration and the environment are also fantastic. At Moto Café you can relax and enjoy your dessert comfortably on the soft sofa with air conditioner. The interior design has nothing to complain. You will find the style unique.

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