J Mey Meatball Sidewalk Branded Companion Spouse NOW IN PHNOM PENH

For those who live or visit Battambang will definitely know how famous Je Mey Meatball is since Je Mey Meatball is homemade meatball made from real beef and also the condiment. With its wonderful taste and hygiene, it makes Je Mey Meatball get famous and become a bestselling from day to day. Most people normally takeaway or eat those meatballs at there too.

Do you know what does it make for Je Mey Meatball to be famous?

Well, it’s easy. Everyone knows that it is the meatball. With no chemical substance or any powder are added to the meatball, it makes the meatball taste so good.

Another special thing is condiments, the peanuts sauce is a new different taste that everyone would love to try and it’s perfect to eat with meatball. Also, the chili sauce is also incredible. All in all, we want to eat that again and again!

For those who haven’t ty Je Mey Meatball, you should come and enjoy now!
Of course! You’ll love it!

For more info
Facebook:J Mey ប្រហិតសាលាចិន
Phone Number៖ 070 9999 38/ 096 801 6666
Location ៖ Nearby Psar Thmey, #13, St.67, in ANZ royal block

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