“Janang” Food

Janang Food

Ever heard about indigenous food? I strongly recommend you to try this food which is one of the indigenous specialties available in ”Ptes Bay Chun Cheat” restaurant. This dish is called “Janang”. It’s originated from the indigenous tribe. You can find this food in two provinces in Cambodia, Stung Treng and Ratanakiri province. Janang is considered as a local food of Ratanakiri province due to its amazing and unique taste.

The ingredients of this dish are bamboo shoots, janang leaves, pork or beef, corn, eggplant, giant taro​​ mixing together. These ingredients are what make janang special and you will surely love it. Moreover, This restaurant also exhibits traditional clothes of indigenous people and displays their portraying cultural pictures.

Last but not least, you can also enjoy the atmosphere where it feels like you’re at their village. Want to try something new? Food lover? Why not go there? In case you want to try it but it’s hard to find a place? Here is the map/location of Ptes Bay Chun Cheat.

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