Dining in Korean Style with Gogi Korean BBQ

Korean Food

Now, we are coming back to introduce one place that you would love to try it. As a previous article that we have introduced you about the Top Spicy Food that you should try, but today there is something different…

On the weekend, you may want to hang out with your friends, having a drink or two and chatting together. Gogi, a restaurant serving barbecue in Korean style, is a good place to dine and have fun with your friends or family. Gogi provides its customers with a variety of menu, starting with vegetables, meats, and Korean soup.

You can order fresh meats such as beef, pork belly, bacon, mushroom, and grill on modern griller that will not leave smoke to your food. Not only that, you can also have a Korean traditional side dish, kimchi. With Korean barbecue, it is not complete without a cup of soju. At Gogi, you can have it all in Korean style.

Other than barbecue, decoration in the restaurant is exceptionally perfect. Everything is in the Korean style. You don’t need to go to Korea to have Korean barbecue. The price is not the matter for you; at this restaurant, you can have the barbecue in a comfortable place with affordable price.

Feel ready to taste it NOW??


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