Doesn’t matter​ whether you are a cat or a dog lover, these cafe shops would make you feel completely lost in a paradise of pet!

មិនថាប្រិយមិត្តជាអ្នកនិយមស្រឡាញ់សត្វឆ្មា ឬសត្វឆ្កែនោះទេ ហាងកាហ្វេទាំងនេះនឹងនាំប្រិយមិត្តទៅស្គាល់ឋានសួគ៍នៃសត្វចិញ្ចឹម!

In the previous articles, “Jongnhams” has talked about the special thing of any cafe shops in Phnom Penh. So, today “Jongnhams” would like to grab your attention to know something special that you would feel amazed. It is “Pet’s lover Cafe”.

You cannot just control yourself when you first see these cutie cats and dogs. Just imagine when you are having a hot cup of coffee, doing your assignment or works, having a conversation with your friends while having pets staying around you? For those pet’s lover will deeply understand this feeling.

What’s more? For those “Forever Alone”, come and visit these café shop and you would not feel lonely anymore.
Alright, let’s get to know these pet’s café shop together


We know you knew it when you first hear this café’s name. Exactly, it is a cat café shop. There are so many cats inside their café shop that you would think that you are in a zoo of cats. The special thing is about those cats are so cute and lovely. I wish I could get one back home just because of their attractive behavior with a fluffy fur.

While having a tasty coffee with a great service plus those cats staying beside you, you can just feel relax and completely free yourself from the stress.
This CHHMA CATFé is located in the street 178 #33 Sangkat Chey Chomnes Phnom Penh city.

For more info
Facebook: CHHMA CATFé
Phone number: 010 800 222
Address: Click here to find the place.


For our cate lovers will no longer hold the stress anymore when you first visit this café shop. CAT U HOUSE has been running since August but we notice that even if this café shop just run in a short time until now but it actually gets a good feedback from their customer both in tasty and service.

Most importantly, CAT U HOUSE brings so many cats to keep inside their café shop that is the most attractive part of the shop.

For more info
Facebook: CAT U HOUSE
Phone number: 066 692 888
Address: Click here to find the place

3. TJ’s Coffee House

Not only serves their customers with delicious foods, drinks, but also with such so many lovely dogs. You would feel amazed that you see those dogs, but don’t worry. Those dogs just keep into another part of the restaurants and shop. Hence, you can enjoy having a meal and if you want to see the dogs, there is another part of the shop to visit.

What I love the most is their fluffy fur that I always want to hug!!!

For more info
Facebook: TJ’s House
Phone number:015 537 135
Address: Click here to find the place

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