FREE FREE from these Restaurants and Coffee Shops…Buy One, Free One!!

Buy one, free one

Occasionally, if you are looking for a great promotion “Buy 1, Free 1”, you can have a try with these restaurants and cafe shops. With the new brand and special promotion for their customers, you can also try the new delicious food as well as the aroma coffee.

1. ហាងកាហ្វេ អប្សារា – Apsara Cafe

Bothering looking for a perfect coffee shop to try? Why not come to Apsara Cafe to get a promotion “Buy one, Free One”? This promotion offers to their customers every day from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Buy one, Free one

Location: St. 163, Sang Kat Toul Svay Prey, Khan Chamkamon, Phnom Penh
Facebook: Apsara Cafe
Phone Number: 016 551 668

2. មីហឹរ ប៊ូសាន – Mi Hel Busan Restaurant

Spicy Food Lovers would feel amazed by this promotion. Mihel Busan offers a “Buy 2, Free 1” with a delicious spicy noodle. It is a time get a train to Busan (Mi Hel Busan).

Buy One, Get One

Location: #58C, St.70, Sangkat Toul Sangkea, Khan Russy Keo

3. គុយទាវ តាន់ តាន់ – Kuy Teav Tan Tan Restaurant

You are probably becoming one of this “Kuy Tav Tan Tan” fan after a first try at this restaurant. It is because “Kuy Teav Tan Tan” will provide you with a variety of soup and sauce you may never taste it before. Kuy Teav Tan Tan offers their customers with “Eat 10times, Get 1 Free, but if you come with 7 people, you will be free one person”

Kuy Teav Tan Tan

Kuy Teav Tan Tan

Location: #211, St 155, Sangkat Toul Tompong, Khan Chamkamon
Facebook: គុយទាវ តាន់ តាន់
Phone Number: 016 666 266

4. Ban MI & Bros

With a different type of sandwich, you can have a try at “Ban MI & Bros”. At the same time “Ban MI & Bros” is also offered their customers with “Buy 1, Get 1” too. It is such a perfect promotion.

Ban MI & Bros

Ban MI & Bros

Location: #211, St. 155, Sangkat Toul Tompong, Khan Chamkamon
Facebook: Ban MI & Bros
Phone Number: 085 400 880

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