New flavors New feeling at Big Apple Donut & Coffee

Do you love sweet?
Are you donut lovers?
Obviously, you would know Big Apple Donut & Coffee like the back of your hand.

As we all know that Big Apple Donut & Coffee is one of the most well-known shops that provide with fresh donuts and varieties of flavors that you can choose, now they also add 36 new flavors that we all should have a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

Do you like the chocolate flavor or strawberry flavor?
Actually, there is not only chocolate or strawberry flavors, but there are also many delicious flavors that you can choose.

Also, it has a beautiful and silent atmosphere that we can relax or do assignments there. If you’re a Big Apple fan, obviously you can relate and enjoy it so much due to its peaceful environment and a friendly service.
Who wouldn’t love it, right?

That’s why, if people are asked where to get a delicious donut, mostly the answer would be “You can get it at Big Apple”.

For more info
• Facebook : Big Apple Donuts & Coffee – Cambodia
• Phone Number: 023 211 118
• Website :

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