Benefits of Palm Trees

As we all know, the palm tree is a kind of plant tree that is well known as Cambodian national identity. It grows up in Tropic region, and there are a lot of palm trees in Takeo province, Kompong Speu province and Kandal province. Palm tree also has a long life and very high. The average height of the palm tree is around 20 to 25 meters.

There are three types of palm trees:
• Tnot krom
• Tnot ach ses
• Tnot somlor

Also, there are 6 parts of palm tree such as palm leaves, palm branch, palm trunk, palm root, palm flower, and palm fruit. All the parts of the palm tree give a lot of importance to farmers.

1. Palm Leaves

Palm leaves are used for making hats and boxes.

2. Palm Branch

Palm branch is used for making basket and rope.

3. Palm Trunk

Palm trunk is used for making boat and furniture.

4. Palm Flower

Palm flower is a flower that has sweet water.
There are 2 kinds of palm flowers such as palm male flower and palm female flower
Also, people can make palm water by simmering it to palm sugar or make it to palm wine for sale.

5. Palm Fruit

There are 2 kinds of palm fruits. They are unripe and ripe.

• When palm fruit is not ripe, people can eat it and make it to dessert.
• When palm fruit is ripe, people can make it to jelly and food.

6. Palm Root

Palm root is used for curing disease. It is Khmer traditional medicine for malaria.

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