Bay Ko Dot​​ The Best Dish for Breakfast

Being served for years, Bay Ko Dot is still one of Cambodian’s choices for breakfast because of its unique taste and style in serving. Every set is served on a hot cow shape steaming pot. What’s more interesting, on the pot every slice of beef and a bright yellow egg are perfectly made alongside with sliced onion. To have a complete set, a plate of rice is served with the dish, making a good match and a completely perfect breakfast. You can also add more ketchup and chili sauce based on your taste. It has its best taste.

Bay Ko Dot is served in a local flat near Central Market with no air conditioner but will be enjoying your breakfast in comfort with wall fans. The price is also affordable; you spend from 5000-8000 riels (1.25$-2$) and have a satisfying breakfast.

For more info: Bay Ko Dot Map

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