5 Things You Need to Know Before Eating Yoghurt

So what is yoghurt?
Why do people most likely to consume yoghurt?

Actually, yoghurt is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.
Most people consume yoghurt because they think that yoghurt would enhance their health, and it’s also delicious too.

There are 6 things that you need to know before eating yoghurt.

1. Yoghurts are different from yoghurt drinks


Yoghurt drink is a kind of drink, not milk and has nutrient contents way different from yogurt. The nutrient content of yogurt drink is about 1 of a third of yogurt.
However,yogurt is made up of cow milk and has to experience a process of fermentation. It’s originally cow milk.

2. Yoghurt does not help losing weight


Remember that yogurt also contains a certain source of energy (higher than cow milk), which means eating too much yogurt can make you gain weight.

3. Do not eat yoghurt when hungry

The real truth is that whenever we are hungry, we could eat whatever we have. However, if we happen to eat yoghurt, it might not be a good thing to eat when we are hungry since the level of acid in the stomach is high and by eating yogurt, the lactic acid in it will kill the acid in the stomach and cause a sharp decrease of the health-protective effects. It would be better if the yogurt is eaten 1-2 hours after meals.

Moreover, after eating yogurt especially in the evening, remember to brush teeth because some bacteria and acidy matters in yogurt can damage teeth.

4. Not everyone can eat yoghurt

Not everyone can eat yogurt. People who have defecation or intestinal diseases or diabetes need to be more aware of eating yogurt. Also, children who are under 1 year old shouldn’t eat yogurt. For those who often drink alcohol, smoke, work with computers, have constipation or osteoporosis should eat much yoghurt so that it would be good for their health.

5. Can yoghurt be heated?

Some people state that eating cold yogurt can make their stomachs uncomfortable, so it’d be better if the yoghurt is heated. However, there are some rumors about heating will cause nutrient loss. Warm yogurt can have different taste and decreases of nutrients and the protective effects on health.

Nonetheless, by heating yogurt in low heat, the lactic acid in it won’t be killed. Oppositely, the low heat can increase the effects of lactic acid.

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