5 Health Benefits of Guava

Guava is a tropical fruit that has a unique taste and strong fragrance. It humble fruit comes in round or pear shape with light green, yellow, or maroon color. In fact, typical fruit serves many benefits to your health, it has always been neglected. Here are some health benefits of guava that we have discovered.

1. Fight With Cancer

Guava is rich in lycopene and vitamin C. Lycopene is a kind of antioxidant that can effectively lower the risk of cancer. Moreover, the amount of Vitamin C in guava is greater than that of organ, which makes it possible to boost your immune system to fight with free radicals, a cause of cancer. Therefore, protecting your cells from free radicals means preventing cancer.

2. Prevent Diabetes

Another benefit of eating guava is that it prevents diabetes. Guava is rich in dietary fiber which is important for regulating sugar level in your blood. The fiber content in guava can reduce sugar that your body absorbs so the level of sugar in your blood can be controlled. What’s more, rich in fiber and vitamin C, guava can keep your digestive system clean and prevent you from obesity.

3. Improve Eyesight

Guava is a humble fruit that rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, and calcium. Eye health is associated with vitamin A. When saying vitamin A, the first thing that comes to your mind is the carrot. But, guava is also rich in vitamin A that is essential for your eyes. Consuming guava can boost your vision health. Vitamin A in guava can protect cells in your eyes and prevent eyesight disorders.

4. Maintain Blood Pressure Level

Being rich in fiber and containing zero cholesterol, guava is the best alternative for regulating blood pressure. Fiber is a key player in reducing blood pressure as it can quickly turn into sugar. In addition, potassium in guava helps balance your heartbeats and smoothen the flow of your blood. Supportive vitamin C in guava can also keep your blood vessel healthy. You can be healthy by just eating this delicious fruit. Easy, right?

5. Healthy Skin

Healthy skin has a close connection with the presence of vitamin A, B and C and a large amount of water. Guava is a rich source of such vitamins. Vitamin A, B, and C, and potassium are antioxidants and detoxifiers. They are the anti-aging agent that keep aging signs like wrinkle away from your skin. Not only that, proper hydration is important for your skin, and guava comprises 81 percent of water, making your well hydrated. You can have healthy skin by eating the guava.
Despite its unique taste and fragrance, guava is a powerhouse of vitamin and crucial minerals that benefit your health. You can be healthy by eating this fruit.

Next article, we will show you some tips on consuming guava. Stay tuned.

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