Come to Reptile Cafe Now to Try New Experience of Drinking Coffee

Do you love reptile as much as you love pet?
If so, that is a good news for you.
Come to Reptile Cafe now to experience a delicious coffee and also you get to play with many types of reptile and many cute animals.

What could you ask for more? Getting to drink your favorite drink and play with the reptile. Also, the special thing is that a beautiful and wonderful environment that makes you feel like you’re in the forest.

Also, for those who are really into snakes, this is the best place for you. You can pat this cute yellow snake and take a selfie with it. How cool!!

Actually, reptile cafe doesn’t only consist of reptile but also many cute animals like parrots, etc.

So don’t forget to come together now at Reptile Cafe!
Obviously, you will get the best experience you have ever had.

For more info
Facebook : ល្មូនកាហ្វេ
Phone Number: 096 888 6887
Location : No 1H, st 448, toultompong2, chamkadong, Phnom Penh

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