Tasty Japanese Udon at Marugame Udon Cambodia

Japanese Udon

Do you have a hard time in finding Japanese restaurant that serves delicious Japanese Udon? Now you can enjoy eating various kinds of Udon at Marugame Udon Cambodia. Marugame is the best Udon restaurant in town that serves delicious Udon in which you will never forget once you have tasted it. Curry Udon and Tonkatsu, deep fried pork, are the recommended menus amongst the many that you should try when you go there. With the original taste of curry from Japan, and an oriental soft udon, it makes a perfect combination of sweet and slightly spicy taste of Curry Udon. When going there, you will experience eating flavorful Japanese udon noodle with a Japanese-liked atmosphere as you really have them in Japan. A bowl of Curry Udon is only $ 3.00 and a piece of Tonkatsu is $1.50. Go and check it out now! Please follow the link below to find the location of the restaurant.

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