Fried Chicken Thigh from Song Tra Ice Cream

Fried Chicken

For those who like eating fast food, this article would be useful for you to read. Jongnham would like to introduce you another restaurant that serves delicious fast food and ice cream. That is Song Tra Ice Cream. Serving for more than two decades, Song Tra​ Ice Cream is very well-known by its tasty ice cream and any other menu served over there. Below is a fried chicken which is also a popular menu among teenagers. This fried chicken is very crispy since your first bite. Also, the sweet chilli sauce would add more taste to the dish. The eating environment over there is also nice and is always crowded with people. Spending only 4500 riel, you would get a delicious fried chicken thigh. Where else to find good food like this? To find the location, please click on the link below.

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